I was never not going to write about this collaboration, E.T has been my favourite film forever, I have watched it scores and scores of times, I have a whole box of ET themed merchandise tucked away in my loft and a giant stuffed toy in my room, I cried tears of joy on the ride at Universal Studios in Florida. You get the picture, OBSESSED.

Keeping this collection a secret was harder for me than the first 3 months of pregnancy, I have basically been almost self-combusting with excitement in the months since it was first announced and it is such a relief to finally be able to shout it from the rooftops - ET PHONE MINI RODINI HAS ARRIVED!!!


For anyone not familiar with the movie E.T is the cutest alien ever to grace our screens. Stranded on earth, he is befriended by a young boy who outsmarts  government agents to get him safely back to his own people. Made all the way back in 1982, it is considered to be one of the greatest movies of all time (it is, and it's a great one to re-visit with your own kids).

More importantly, E.T is a character that translates perfectly to print and the Mini Rodini designs are, as you would expect, absolute perfection - encompassing all there is to love about this iconic character with a wonderful 80's vibe.

As usual, when we have a collection that I love in its entirety, picking out a few favourite pieces for a blog post is an almost impossible task. But, I have to start somewhere so I'm going to pick the item that absolutely exudes that 80's style - the black baseball jacket which comes with a gorgeous red satin lining, ribbed trims and a large E.T print on the back and a telephone on the front chest, it's sublime AND its completely covered in a reflective print for fun (and safety) in the dark.

Not that I'm fantasy outfit planning for my own here or anything (OK, I am) I'd team it with one of the white t-shirts and the red sweatpants finished off with a pair of those amazing socks. It's top to toe I know but when it comes to E.T there's no such thing as too much!

The all over print is also all kinds of wonderful and comes in a short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve grandpa top, baby bodysuit and a gorgeous dress made from 100% organic cotton with long sleeves and a high waist that opens up in a flared skirt.

And what E.T collection would be complete without the iconic red hoody that is worn by Elliott in that famous scene where the bikes take flight and are seen silhouetted against the moon? Like most of the collection this is available in sizes 80/86 (9-18 months) all the way up 140/146 (9-11 years), it is a relaxed fit with the cutest print on the chest, pockets, a silver metal zipper and ribbed trims.

The buzz around this collection has been amazing and we anticipate it selling out rather quickly, the full collection is online now and theres quite a few gems I haven't touched upon. Hands up who's having an E.T movie night this weekend!


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