New to Junior Edition this Summer - Coucou Suzette's gloriously kitsch hair accessories.

Parisian Illustrator Juliette Mallet, the founder, hails from a sublimely creative family - her mother is a painter and stylist, her father a musician and brother a sculptor.

Juliette herself studied Illustration at the Arts Déco in Paris (ENSAD) and in Tokyo, a city she fell in love with. She subsequently went on to study jewellery at the Ecole Boulle in Paris before creating Coucou Suzette, back in 2013.

I'm rather taken with the history of the brand which dates back to a boob (yes boob) ring she made for a friend. Quite unexpectedly, a simple instagram post of this creation drew a LOT of attention and suddenly everyone wanted one (I has a little scroll back through their feed to find it and it's really rather cute). And so, Juliette was able to leave her job and pursue what was to become Coucou Suzette.

Juliette is inspired by comic books (especially the “Tom-Tom et Nana” collection) and 60s new wave French cinema. She also collects plastic flowers, glittery things and spends her free time with her huge Bernese Mountain Dog, Joya. Juliette draws what is fun to her and makes creative accessories from these designs.

These accessories bring both colour and joy and you are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd with her fabulous range of clips and claws made from plant-based eco-friendly cellulose acetate.

My little dog Scout is part Bichon so it should come as no surprise that my picks from the collection are the cute Bichon clip and claw! 

The other animals are just as adorable and we also carry several Dachshund designs (who doesn't love a sausage?!), cats, rabbits and a totally roar-some Dinosaur too. 

We also have heaps of really beautiful flower accessories  - choose from daisies, tulips, cherry blossom, pansies, forget-me-nots and lily of the valley.

Socially conscious and eco-friendly, Coucou Suzette products are manufactured by carefully selected partners and nothing is ever thrown away. If products don't quite meet standard through a fluctuation in sizing or colour for example, a use is still found for them. 

Mainstream plastic, so damaging for the environment, has been substituted with the more environmentally friendly cellulose acetate. Hair claws are made from this recycled and biodegradable material, derived and made from plants with any scrap piece recycled into brand new acetate.

The world of Coucou Suzette is so much fun and we are thrilled to be part of it.  Online and in-store now.



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