Young, Gifted And Black by Jamia Wilson & Andrea Pippins


Meet 52 icons of colour from the past and present in this celebration of inspirational achievement—a collection of stories about change-makers to encourage, inspire and empower the next generation of change-makers.  Jamia Wilson has carefully curated this range of black icons and the book is stylishly brought together by Andrea Pippins’ colourful and celebratory illustrations. Written in the spirit of Nina Simone’s song To Be Young, Gifted, and Black, this vibrant book is a perfect introduction to both historic and present-day icons and heroes.  Meet figureheads, leaders and pioneers such as Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, as well as cultural trailblazers and athletes like Stevie Wonder, Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams.  All children deserve to see themselves represented positively in the books they read.  Highlighting the talent and contributions of black leaders and change-makers from around the world, readers of all backgrounds will be empowered to discover what they too can achieve.  Strong, courageous, talented and diverse, these extraordinary men and women's achievements will inspire a new generation to chase their dream… whatever it may be.

Jamia Wilson is a movement builder, storyteller, and feminist activist based in the United States.  She is Executive Director and Publisher of Feminist Press at City University of New York, the former Women, Action, and the Media Executive Director, TED Prize Storyteller, and former Vice President of Programs at The Women’s Media Center, Jamia has been a powerful force in the social justice movement for nearly a decade.  As a leading voice on feminist and women’s rights issues her work and words have appeared in and on the New York Times, New York Magazine, The Today Show, CNN, The Washington Post and more.  Andrea Pippins is a designer, illustrator, and educator who began harnessing her artistic talent into a BFA in graphic design and later earned her MFA at Temple University-Tyler School of Art.  When Andrea is not teaching she's working on freelance illustration and design projects. 

Hardback: 64 pages.

24cm x 28cm.

Age: 8-12 Years.

ISBN: 9781786030887.