Ultimate Spotlight: Caring For Earth by Sandra Laboucarie, Sarah Reynard & Julie Mercier


A kid-friendly primer on caring for the Earth and living in harmony with nature. Inspired by the natural world, Ultimate Spotlight: Caring for Earth shows children how creating an environment that resembles the way plants and animals interact in the wild benefits everyone. Turn a page to reveal a pop-up of a multi-layered orchard, lift a flap to see how compost is made, and rotate a wheel to observe a tree's transformation as the seasons change.

After writing for children's newspapers for many years, Sandra Laboucarie left Paris to return to Toulouse, France, where she now writes books for children. An engineer by training, Sarah Reynard loves nature and plants. Certified in permaculture in 2016 by the Universite Populaire de Permaculture (UPP), she supports people who wish to plan their places of work or residence according to the principles of permaculture, especially by planting gourmet edible gardens. She lives in Toulouse, France. Julie Mercier is the illustrator of numerous books for children. Her work can also be found in magazines and posters. She lives in Paris, France.

Hardback: 12 pages.

18.7cm x 27.3cm.

Age: 5-8 Years.

ISBN: 9791036353239.