The Atlas Of Monsters by Sandra Lawrence & Stuart Hill


One day a collection of very old maps in found in a dusty library.  They show where in the world monsters from mythology and folklore can be found.  According to the notes left with them they were made by Cornelius Walters, an intrepid explorer from the 15th century.  But did Walters really make these elaborate maps, or is it all a hoax?  The librarian who discovered them is not certain... and what are the strange messages in a cryptic code that Walters records in his ship's log?  Inside this wonderous atlas are trolls and dragons, minotaurs and krackens, goblins and giants... and there is a puzzle to solve too.  Stuart Hill's spectacular illustrations evoke the beauty of a medieval map, but with a contemporary twist.

Sandra Lawrence is an author and journalist from London.  She is the author of two history books for age 9-12 and has written for all the broadsheets, regularly contributing to the Daily and Sunday Telegraph.  Stuart Hill is an illustrator and designer from Lincolnshire, England.  He is especially interested in printed textures, hand-lettering and map illustration.

Hardback: 64 pages.

35cm x 27cm.

Age:  7 - 10 Years.

ISBN:  9781783706969.