Smiley Rainbow Capsule Recycled Shopping Bag by Loqi

By Loqi

Smiley Rainbow Capsule Recycled Shopping Bag by Loqi. One single smiley. A perfect pattern of endless radiants of colour. One can’t help but smile at the original icon of pure happiness on this recycled tote bag.

Bag: 50 x 42 cm. Handles: 27cm. Zip pocket: 11.5 x 11.5 cm.

Reusable, water-resistant, washable.

Holds up to 44 lbs!

Smiley has been spreading positivity since 1972 and the icon has become an integral part of popular culture, worn by trendsetters around the world. The sunny circle at Smiley is all about blue skies and big love and they created a collection for LOQI to match those endless good vibes. Live the power of a smile when you wear your Smiley accessory today!

Product Code: SM.RA