Posture Pal Orangutan by Dreams (Sonny Angel)


Posture Pal Orangutan (L) by Sonny Angel. An adorable stuffed toy that encourages proper posture while sitting at your desk. Posture Pals are not only super cute but will also help you maintain good posture while seated. This cute little animal can be placed between your desk and your tummy to stop you slouching. With such an adorable appearance, they will support you as you work and study. Place your Posture Pal firmly between the tummy and the desk, which naturally elongates the back muscles, resulting in good posture. Inside the plush toy is a heart-shaped cushion that provides firm support for the posture that can be easily slumped forward during long hours at the desk, reducing fatigue while working or studying. Their soft fur makes you want to stroke them, and their dull eyes and adorable expressions will heal you.

WARNING: You may study harder than usual with your Posture pal.

Posture Pals come in four animal designs: Sloth, Bear, Orangutan and Rabbit.

Hop (Rabbit): Hop the Rabbit is a pampered pet. It can't sleep unless on owner's belly.
Browny (Bear): Brownie the bear is a good man! Picnics with everyone are always planned by him. He is good at making chocolate cake.
Nossori (Sloth): Nossori, the sloth, is a laid-back guy. He may look like he is not moving, but he is actually making progress little by little. He seems completely unaware of Wu-Tang's mischief.
Wu-Tang (Orangutan): Wu-Tang the orangutan is a naughty boy. He is always busy playing tricks on Nossori. He is always crazy about bananas, which are his favorite food.

Rabbit:Approx. W16cm × H25cm × D15cm.
Bear:Approx. W16cm × H22cm x D14cm.
Sloth:Approx. W16cm × H21cm x D14cm.
Orangutan:Approx. W16cm × H21cm x D14cm.

Product material : Polyester. Contains Polyethylene Pellets.

Age 3+.