Persian Kitten Triplets by Sylvanian Families


Persian Kitten Triplets by Sylvanian Families. Persian Cat Triplets have fluffy fur and are dressed in removable clothing. You can have all three triplets sleep in the included cradle. Blair Persian is mischievous and likes to pull on the ribbons of her sister’s dress. Blake Persian loves the smell of mint and the sound of leaves moving in the wind. Brianna Persian is growing up the quickest and was first to roll over while asleep.

The set includes: Blair Persian Kitten triplet (Yellow Outfit), Blake Persian Kitten triplet (Mint Green Outfit), Brianna Persian Kitten triplet (Pink Outfit), Cradle.

First created in 1985, Sylvanian Families (also known as Calico Critters) is a unique and adorable range of distinctive animal characters that live, work and play in the idyllic land of Sylvania. Sylvanian Families originated in Japan and made the journey to the UK in 1987. Now Sylvanian Families is a global brand, with themed restaurants and a dedicated theme park in Japan.
The word Sylvan means ‘of the forest’ and the brand has three values at its heart: Nature, Love and Family. This evergreen toy appeals to children and adults alike, from young children just making their first friends, older children about to start secondary school, right up to nostalgic adults who fondly remember the figures from their own childhoods, plus serious collectors with a passion for all things Sylvanian!
Sylvanian Families let children craft their own stories, and helps them develop social skills and emotional intelligence through imaginative play. Sylvania is a sanctuary where everyone can be part of the family, letting children learn about relationships, including being kind to each other. As well as being a great collectible item, many Sylvanian products also connect together so that you can grow your Sylvanian Village and create your own unique Sylvanian World as your collection expands.

Age 3+. Contains small parts.

Product code SYL05458.