Oggy The Ogre Holdie Folk Pocket-Sized Doll by Olli Ella


Oggy The Ogre Holdie Folk pocket-sized doll by Olli Ella. Fi Fi Fo Fun! It's Oggy The Ogre loved by everyone. Oggy is Holdie™ World's beloved clumsy giant with his big bellowing laugh and fuzzy patch of purple hair. Like all Holdie™ Folk, Oggy is fully poseable; he wears a removable two-piece Ogre outfit complete with a soft "wooden" club. Made by hand, Oggy is the perfect size pal to pop in a pocket or the palm of a hand. Just add a sprinkle of Imagination to bring your Holdie™ friend to life!

All Holdie Folk are handmade and some variations will occur, making each one unique and special.

Holdie Folk packaging is 100% plastic free. Your Holdie folk arrive packaged in a beautifully printed cardboard box, ideal to give as a gift or for small folk to display and re-use at home.

11cm tall (12.5cm including hair) x 10cm wide (full arm span) x 3cm deep.

Made from cotton and wool with a polyester filling.

Suitable for age 3 Years+.