Frozen Treats Unicorno Blind Box by Tokidoki


Frozen Treats Unicorno Blind Box by Tokidoki. As Summer heats up, nothing's more refreshing than a delicious frozen treat like your favorite popsicle or ice cream. Tokidoki is here to help you stay cool with the Frozen Treats Unicorno Blind Box Series. These nine unique Unicornos honour the yummy treats you love to eat on a warm day, or whenever you feel like enjoying something delicious! Come chill out with Tokidoki and the Frozen Treats Unicornos and enjoy a sweet adventure!

Each blind box contains one character. Each collectible is wrapped in an individual foil bag. Paper insert listing all of the characters in this collection is included. Characters include: Aloha Swirl, Stellina Pop, Choco Mint, Orange Creamie, Rocko Choco, Mochillina, Ube’licious, Rainbow Snow and Summer-cicle (chaser!) Features may include matte and transparent details, glitter and more.

Each figure stands at approximately 2.75 inches high (7cm).

Age 8+.

Please Note: These are "blind boxed" items - meaning, you don't get to choose what assortment of figure(s) you'll receive. You won't know which one you're getting until it arrives. Think of it as a sweet surprise! Please understand that due to the production process, variations may occur from figure to figure. As these are blind boxed items, duplicates may also occur.

Product Code: TDTFROZENUN.