Froggy Gift Wrap by Rumble Cards


Froggy Gift Wrap by Rumble Cards x Glitter Power Club. Ribbit! These sweet frogs are the perfect wrapping paper for any occasion.

Rumble Cards is a South East London based greetings cards company that creates quirky designs which focus on modern trends and celebrity culture. The company was founded by Jess Howell in 2015, when she uploaded her very first design onto Etsy. Jess reacts to popular media trends with eye-catching, playful and colourful illustrations that keep people talking (and hopefully laughing a bit too!). Check out Rumble's trademark celebrity cards, as well as the Artist Series collaborations with favourite illustrators such as Susie Hammer and Ashley Le Quere.

The size of each sheet is 50 x 70.1 cm (19.7 x 27.6 in).

Printed on silk 120gsm paper.