Emmeline Pankhurst (Little People Big Dreams) by Lisbeth Kaiser & Ana Sanfelippo


In the Little People Big Dreams series, discover the lives of outstanding people from designers and artists to scientists.  All of them went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream.  As a child, Emmeline Pankhurst was shocked at the inequality of men and women that she saw all around her.  When she grew up, she never stopped fighting for women to get the vote, inspiring other women to demonstrate, go on hunger strike and protest for the cause.  With stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, this empowering series celebrates the important life stories of wonderful women of the world.  The Little People Big Dreams books make the lives of role models accessible for children, providing a powerful message to inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world!

Lisbeth Kaiser is a writer and editor whose work has appeared on websites, commercials, billboards and even toothbrushes.  Lisbeth lives in Brooklyn with her family.  Ana Sanfelippo is an illustrator, with a degree in Graphic Design
at the University of Buenos Aires, specialising in typography and illustrations for children’s books  She uses acrylics and inks in her illustrations, and enjoys creating natural sceneries with many vibrant colours.

Hardback: 32 pages.

25cm x 20cm.

Age: 5 to 8 Years.

ISBN: 9781786030191.