Blackwing Vol. 57 Jean-Michel Basquiat Limited Edition Pencil (Box of 12) by Blackwing


Box of 12 Blackwing Vol.57 limited edition pencils by Blackwing. Blackwing pencils are one of the most sought-after writing tools in the world. With a soft lead, these pencils are great for any creative young person, and are perfect as a first writing pencil.

The Blackwing 57 is a tribute to Jean-Michel Basquiat and his boundary-pushing art. The number 57 is a reference to 57 Great Jones Street in New York City, where Basquiat created some of his best-known works. Contains a soft graphite lead.

Recommended for 3 Years+.

We love these brilliant pencils by Blackwing - perfect as a first writing or a drawing pencil.