Blackwing Blue Coloured Pencil (Pack Of 4) by Blackwing


Box of 4 Blackwing Blue coloured pencils by Blackwing. This set consists of 4 pencils, each featuring a non-photo blue core that fades when scanned or photocopied, a unique feature that brings convenience to artists and illustrators. These pencils feature the same functional design aspects as other Blackwing pencils, including the large, rectangular eraser that can be extended as it wears down. The eraser is latex-free, and replacement erasers are available in a range of colours.

Non-photo blue cores create lines that disappear during scanning or photocopying, negating the need to erase sketch lines.

Claimed by many to be the best writing utensil in the world, Blackwing pencils are famous for the quality of graphite, iconic shape, replaceable eraser, and the men and women whose works they’ve inspired throughout the years.

Recommended for 3 Years+.

We love these brilliant pencils by Blackwing.