ABC Off To Sea! by Virginie Morgand



This maritime ABC breathes a real blast of fresh air into the genre.  From A for Anchor and B for Buoy, from C for Cruise Ship to D for Dolphins and Zzzz for bedtime, Virginie Morgand’s gloriously illustrated book is a wonderful introduction to all things nautical for young children.  Her drawings successfully combine a sixties feel with the intensity of animated cinema, bringing the pictures to life page after page.

Virginie Morgand is inspired by hands-on printing techniques and the things she collects, such as children’s books and collectible toys.  She uses hand drawn shapes and bright colours to create vibrant images full of life and energy.  Based in Paris, Virginie’s background is in animation but, having learnt how to screen print at L’Atelier Dupont, she has developed her own visual language as an illustrator working to brief for a growing number of clients, including J Crew, London Transport Museum, Barneys in New York, Le Bon Marché, and The Sunday Times, as well as children's books for Wide Eyed Editions and MeMo.  Virginie has recently exhibited solo shows in Paris, Portugal and the UK.

Hardback: 28 pages.

25cm x 18cm.

Age: 3-7 Years.

ISBN: 9780500651131.