4th Birthday Greetings Card by Artcadia


4th birthday greetings card by Artcadia.  Designed and printed using traditional letterpress techniques in Shrewsbury.  Blank inside with FSC approved envelope.

Artcadia are a letterpress design studio based in Shrewsbury, UK.  Founded in 2009 by Vici Blenkharn, Artcadia is considered one of the pioneers in the resurgence of letterpress printing in the UK. The brand started from humble beginnings, working on a treadle press in a garden shed, and since 2018 can be found in a beautiful studio and shop in Shrewsbury, bustling with creativity and production. 

Artcadia are faithful lovers of the historic craft of letterpress.  They believe in the creation of beautiful things and they want, like you, to feel good about where our beautiful things come from.  Artcadia prints sustainably, using vegetable oil based inks and and citrus-based solvents for cleaning up. They recycle offcuts, and printing plates, and ink tins and used rags are kept out of landfill.  High quality cotton paper and FSC certified paper is used, and any surplus paper and envelopes is donated to primary schools.

115mm x 164mm.  

Printed using traditional letterpress techniques, using soy ink on high quality 300gsm 100% cotton paper.  120gsm FSC approved envelope.

We love these stunning letterpress cards by Artcadia.