We welcomed the gorgeous Danish brand Maileg to Junior Edition this year. An irresistible collection of whimsical characters and accessories, modern Scandinavian in style and designed to appeal to the young and young-at-heart alike.

We have so many characters and accessories to choose from. The mice, which are synonymous with the Maileg brand, come in a whole host of characters from Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses to Clowns, Cowboys and Ballerinas and our personal favourite Little Feather, who sits in her very own teepee.

We have the beautiful Maileg dollhouse set up in the shop window at the moment, it draws so many little faces to the window! So much fun was had setting it up and fiddling about with the furniture, characters and accessories. It would make such a wonderfully special gift and one you could slowly build up over the years, a real heirloom in the making! The attention to detail is phenomenal with beautifully styled vintage style furniture and the most intricate accessories from tiny picnic sets to breakfast for two!

The My First Tooth tins, as well as being super cute have been a god-send! We didn't have one for the first two teeth that were lost and it was such a challenge blindly fumbling around under a pillow at the dead of night hoping to locate a tiny tissue-wrapped tooth without waking the light-sleeping child. A small tin is such an easy find and the perfect size for a shiny pound coin in exchange! The individual tins are available for as little as £3 or you can buy a beautiful Big Brother or Big Sister Tooth Fairy Set priced at £24, perfect for passing down though generations to come.

Our collection extends to many other magical characters, all with a timeless quality, designed to be cherished forever.

Do come along to our shop in the heart of Brighton's North Laine to see the dollhouse whilst its up in the window if you can, we'd love to see you and say hi! The full collection is also available online.

PS - It's pronounced My'lye :)

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