Whether baby led weaning or blitzing everything into a palatable puree, the transition from breast or bottle to solid food is such an exciting step, I remember literally counting down the days to the magic 6 month marker. We chose to roll with baby led weaning which was messy and fun and also a bit scary at times! I was so surprised about the variety in food and flavours such a small human was willing to try. I *may* have been a little smug on occasion.

Fast forward two years and and the baby I was so proud of, the baby that literally ate anything and everything went on lockdown!!! The eagerness and willingness to try new things felt as if it evaporated overnight and most things that were previously eaten were now refused. I was absolutely gutted but thanks to Liewood, I at least had beautiful tableware to serve fish-fingers on several times a week  ; )

Liewood have an extensive cute yet practical range of baby and child tableware in a range of friendly characters.

The silicone placemats are great way of protecting furniture from spills and the silcone multi plates ideal for little ones with an appetite for plate throwing! Cute and practical in equal measure the multi plate is made from 100% recycled silicone, free from BPA and completely safe to use for food. It has four compartments in total, two large ones inside the head and two small ones inside at the ears. Available in both the panda and the cat characters and in a variety of colours.

When you are confident enough to move on from silcone, the bamboo baby dining sets are wonderful, they come boxed and consist of a plate, bowl, cup and spoon. Also available as a junior set as they grow.

The silicone bibs with a catch pocket are great, especially when out and about, as they wipe clean (as well as being dishwash-able), we have also found the silicone tot cup lid an on-the-go essential, it's super flexible, fitting both the Liewood bamboo cups and other cups or even glass ware, such a simple yet effective idea. Both the bibs and cup lids come in packs of two.

Snacks are big in our house and in truth it is an easy way of getting a bowlful of goodness in a child as mine will happily pick through a bowl of fruit or vegetables at several intervals across the day. I've not yet come across anything cuter than the four pack of Liewood Rex snack bowls, available in either a blue or rose mix of the same characters. 

The Liewood range extends far beyond tableware. From clothing and accessories to towels, muslins and swaddles, from wooden toys to play gyms and even beach sets for anyone on a day-trip to see us in Brighton! Everything is available to view online and we have an extensive range available at our shop on the heart of Brighton's North Laine, the home of boutique shopping.

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