Talking Bobo is a way of being. Non-sensical to adults but a very real and natural way of being for children, where imaginations run wild and reality is turned on its head.

The collection itself is born out of a series of original stories and poems (also available to buy) that eventually come to life in the form of prints and shapes you find in every range from the magical universe of Bobo Choses.

The Talking Bobo concept translates SO beautifully into the latest clothing collection from this wonderful brand. Bursting with colour and over-flowing with fun, bold brights combine beautifully with more gentle earthy tones and characters this season include smiley teacups, talking vegetables, scholar worms, dogs and birds. You'll find gorgeous print designs too - florals, brush strokes, scratch and shape prints are all in abundance - this is a brand that lends itself so well to being beautifully mis-matched and is produced in every imaginable style for babies and older children, girls and boys and even adults.

Did anyone speak Pig Latin when they were a kid? It was the first thing I thought of when I heard about the new collection. I was never quick-thinking enough to keep up but it was so popular for a while at school and several groups of siblings I knew used it to continually outwit their parents! I re-visited it whilst writing this, something about transferring the initial consonant or consonant cluster of each word to the end of the word and adding a vocalic syllable. It blows my mind even today!

Rather excitingly, Bobo Choses are testing out larger sizes this season with a limited amount of pieces going up to 12/13 years which is music to my ears given that we have just outgrown the previously biggest size! The selection of pieces isn't huge at this point but will continue to grow and certainly includes some of the most popular items from this season including the Spaghetti Car Banana jumper which is just the most brilliant play on words!

As with all of the brands we stock, Bobo Choses are environmentally conscious and produce their clothing line ethically, in safe working environments with fair pay. They insist on complete transparency throughout the textile supply chain and continue to improve the sustainability of production processes with every collection. Conventional materials are continually being superseded with more sustainable ones that have a lower impact both on nature and human health.

This Winter they have a 100% organic cotton knitwear range and jersey, fleece, and soft terry towel products are 100% organic cotton too. The cotton yarn used in these pieces is organic *GOTS certified. This means that the cotton was grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical fertiliser. Its sustainable production system also helps to replenish and maintain soil health.


Eco-responsible fibres such as Ecovero and Lyocell are used and Bobo have introduced technical fabrics made with recycled polyester for the outerwear and many of the accessories with the vast majority of their outer garments coated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO.

As much of the product as possible is produced locally with the vast majority of the collection manufactured between Spain and Portugal. 74% is located less than 10km from their headquarters where much of their product including socks, tights, chapkas, caps and sandals are made. 

You'll find our complete collection online now - colours, prints and shapes from the kids collection have been adapted for both the baby and adult collections to work best for different shapes, sizes and lifestyles. There really is something for everyone in the family!





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