Belgium based Hvid, founded by Caroline Camerlynck, make exquisitely crafted knitted goods for babies and young children. From blankets and booties to cold weather accessories, cocoons and comforters. These are heirloom pieces to treasure, perfect in every way.

When the Danish speak of hvid', they speak of the purest colour of all: white - a colour that is as fresh as snow and soft as milk.  Interestingly, every Hvid design is first made in pure white, to create the finest subtleties in the pattern and find the perfect weight. There is a genuine commitment to producing the very finest, luxury, soft knitted goods possible that is reflected in the beauty of every piece produced.

All of Hvid's textiles are made in a small factory in Belgium by craftsmen who take real pride in creating Caroline's carefully thought out designs. It is located just half an hour from the family home where all finished items are returned for final checks at the workshop before being distributed for sale.

Crafted from merino wool and sustainably produced on demand, this is a collection of season-less items that are timeless in design. Made with love and designed to be cherished and passed down to be enjoyed again.

Merino wood is quite a remarkable product with so many incredible qualities. It is is thermoregulating, meaning products are wearable during all seasons. In the Summer it will absorb water from your baby's skin whilst in the Winter it absorbs the cold air and re-circulates it as warm air, keeping your baby cosy and protected from any chills. It's the perfect choice for newborns, babies and toddlers whose bodies are yet unable to regulate temperature as efficiently as adults. Several studies have shown that babies who sleep in merino cry less, sleep longer, eat better and gain weight faster, what's not to love?!

A question we always get asked about knitted products is whether they itch. I can completely relate to these concerns having been the recipient of a pretty but awfully uncomfortable jumper as a child that my mother insisted I wear during the Winter months. I remember everything about it with complete clarity and it's up their with my childhood nightmare of liver and onions for dinner!

By contrast, merino wool is EXCEPTIONALLY soft and categorically does not itch thanks to its higher density (more wool hairs per square cm than with traditional wool). The hair is often10 times thinner than normal sheep hair, delicate but long lasting and just the loveliest thing to wear.

Merino is also naturally self-cleaning and does not smell, even when used intensively which means less washing - hooray! Its fine structure repels bacteria and is easy to maintain, in-fact these products benefit greatly from not being over-washed as to do so reduces the amount of lanolin which helps keep things naturally clean. Being aired in the garden at dawn or in the bathroom during or after a shower allows the moist air to combine with the lanolin and work its magic. Cared for, Merino wool products will last for years and years and are surprisingly durable in spite of their soft and delicate nature.

Hvid products are made from textiles that bring genuine comfort and joy, kind both to sensitive young skins and the environment alike. We adore the beauty in their designs, real heirloom pieces that will become part of the family.


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