Sonny Angel hails from Japan. Born all the way back in 2004, the very first version was actually a doll that stood at 18cm tall and not the miniature we know and love today. 

We've been stocking the Sonny Angel figures for longer than anyone here can even remember (I did ask). All we are sure of is that they've been with us at Junior Edition almost as long as we have been here ourselves and, due to the ever-evolving themes, continue to be  a perennial favourite both online and in-store.

Sonny Angel delivery days been known to create mild hysteria amongst staff and visitors alike, with many a day-trip to Brighton centred around the purchase of one (or in some cases many more) of these adorable characters. If you've seen some of the shop staff's videos on social media you'll know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!

The very first mini series produced was Animal Version 1 which is still available today. It features the sweet angel boy wearing headgear that represents a Rabbit, Frog, Cockerel, Panda, Koala, Tiger, Elephant, Monkey, Dalmatian, Cheetah, Crocodile and Lion. As with every series, each character comes in a blind box so you have no idea what it might be until you open it and that's definitely all part of the fun.

Current collections include the numerous Animal series together with Hippers, Marine, Sweets, Vegetable, Flower, the limited edition Bugs World (we all want the ladybird!) and brand new in, the Birthday Bear which makes for a sweet gift or cute cake topper.

You'll also find some limited edition seasonal Sonny Angel's too, Santa always leaves one in a stocking here and back in 2020 we were lucky enough to open one of the rare secret characters on Christmas morning. Imagine!

Every series contains a secret chase figure which appears once in every 12 boxes (that's a 1/144 chance of finding one) and an extra special secret figure of which only 10, 50 or 100 are produced worldwide. As you can imagine they often command a premium in the collectible market, not that we would ever part with ours, it takes pride of place amongst the decorations every Christmas.

All of our figures are available both online and in-store but be warned, we might insist that if you do buy one from us in our Brighton store you open it before leaving so we can share in the excitement!





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