Djeco have the most beautiful collection of wooden and educational toys as well as producing really engaging puzzles and absorbing arts and crafts projects.

A family business and the brainchild of Véronique Michel-Dalès, Djeco was conceived way back in 1954 and continues today under her son Frédéric's guidance. Djeco toys are designed with artistry that promotes drawing, design and aethetics and they really are a joy to both play with and look at.


When I was a young, one of my best friends was a Japanese girl called Tamaki, she introduced me to so many brilliant things and in the very early eighties I was big into Hello Kitty and also something of an origami expert. Yes, really! No surprises then that we've brought in a large range of origami craft kits.....Origami is brilliant for helping develop fine motor skills and concentration and the Djeco themed sets come with very clear instructions as well as really beautiful origami paper. We have several sets at home that we all regularly dip in to! 

One of the things that Djeco really excel at is making puzzles. We have some wonderful ones for school age children which I know some customers have been integrating into home learning. For those age 6+ we have a stunning 'Around the World' 200 piece observation puzzle which includes a booklet of things to find once the puzzle is made, we also have a Space themed one which works on the same basis and with the same number of pieces which has been really popular since the recent SpaceX launch! For the younger ones there are the most beautiful wooden puzzles featuring designs from a number of contemporary illustrators.


The girls road-tested one of the eighteen DIY craft kits that we have in stock a couple of weeks ago. These are brilliant creative craft sets that challenge children to create unique pieces on a specific theme, simultaneously developing patience, dexterity and creativity.  Each set includes specially designed contents and a detailed instruction sheet and some of the sets are more complex than others (there is age guidance detailed online). Adelaide chose the 'Like a Princess, Tiara" set suitable for age 5+ (or a bit younger if you're supervising) and LOVED it, I have a dreamcatcher set tucked away for a rainy day and I'm sure several more will follow if the kids are home til September!


I don't know about you but I love the nostalgia of playing games from your own childhood, those absolute classics that have been around forever and will continue to be around generations to come. Snakes and Ladders was one of the first 'proper' games we introduced at home, sadly not a set as fabulous as this fun, arctic themed version by Djeco whose classics also include Ludo and Dominoes, again all beautifully themed.

We've also got an extensive collection of beautiful things for under £10 which make for great pocket-money buys and birthday gifts. We've extended the range to include lots of stickers (which we are often asked about, especially in-store) and some really fab 'big' tattoos which make for great party thank-you's together with that all important slice of cake!








There's so much more to enjoy online and you can view the complete collection here.  Whilst our bricks and mortar shop in Brighton's gorgeous North Laine still remains closed at the moment, our online shop continues to operate as normal and we have added some additional courier options to help with quicker deliveries worldwide. Thank you, as ever, for your continued support.

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