We are thrilled to welcome Tender Leaf toys to Junior Edition. We fell in love with their product at Top Drawer back in January, the fish and chip play set just jumped out at us (must be those Brighton seaside roots!) and before we knew it we had a collection of over 70 beautifully designed wooden toys.
Tender Leaf Toys designer Danielle has won numerous toy awards over several decades and has a very distinctive style, she creates really imaginative and creative toys that just ooze playablity! With a strong focus on child development Tender Leaf encourage creative and imaginative play and have become go-to toys in our own house, we have had lots of pretend meals made, drunk an awful lot of tea and eaten an enormous amount of cake!
Tender Leaf take great pride in their manufacturing process, adhering to the highest ethical standards. Their finely crafted toys are handmade by skilled work men and women and from raw timber to finished product, every stage in the creation of their toys happens in the same family-run factory. They only work with reclaimed rubber wood (a by-product of the latex industry) and for every reclaimed tree it uses a new one is planted, driving ahead the cycle of regeneration.  

I have SO many favourites across the collection that it is almost almost to pick out just a few but the shelf animal sets definitely sit in my top ten. These collections of gorgeous animals are presented in a compartmentalised wooden shelf and are perfectly shaped and sized for small hands. The storage shelf is a beautifully neat way of tidying away after playtime and they make for a really attractive addition to any nursery or playroom. We have five different sets online, four of which are pictured below (safari, farmyard, woodland and sea creatures) and a dinosaur set containing a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Velociraptor, a Parasaurolophus, a Triceratops, a Pterodactyl, a Stegosaurus, a Ankylosaurus and a Brontosaurus. The dino set is can be shaped, sorted and categorised according to the printed skeletons on the back of the shelf compartments, it's a really cute idea!



One of the other stand out pieces for me is the Monster Lock Box, it's something I've been looking out for for quite a while after seeing a home-made version at someone's house years and years ago. Tender Leaf Toy's brilliant lock box features 8 different doors with various lock mechanisms and 2 monster shapes. Perfect for free exploration and hiding scary monsters! As well as providing an absorbing diversion for children, it helps them to develop their problem solving skills and develop fine motor skills by learning how to open and close different locks.





Has anyone else found teaching even the most basic of fractions at home at bit of a headache? We've been struggling a bit here and having something physical to help visualise things has been an immense help! The citrus fractions puzzle helps your child learn about wholes, halves, thirds, quarters, and fifths with the help of wooden knife and a set of fresh fruits, I can honestly say its been a bit of a lifesaver!



Tenderleaf Toys are designed to be treasured and passed down to future generations, it really is a beautiful collection which you can see in full here. Whilst our bricks and mortar shop in Brighton's gorgeous North Laine remains closed at the moment, our online continues to operate as normal and we have added some additional courier services to help with quicker deliveries worldwide. Thank you, as ever, for your continued support.





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