Waterfall Small Arch Stacker by Raduga Grëz

£23.45 £33.50

Waterfall small arch stacker by Raduga Grëz.  7 piece stacking waterfall arch made from solid lime wood and dyed with non-toxic watercolours.  Great for creative and imaginative play and with endless possibilities.  Comes with a cotton drawstring bag for storage.

15cm x 12cm x 4cm.

Raduga Grëz (Rainbow Dreams) is a small family business creating handmade eco-friendly wooden toys from fragrant lime and beech woods in their workshop in Russia.  The wood is hand-dyed using water-colour paints, in a sophisticated colour palette inspired by nature and the beauty of our Earth.  The toys are suited for all ages and encourage imaginative and creative play - aevery level of development, the child will use the toy their own way.

Colour - Pink, Blue and Sand.

CE Tested.

Hand made in Russia.

We love these pretty stacking arches by Raduga Grëz, stimulating and great for a child's development.