Veggie Lotto Strategy Game by Janod

By Janod

Veggie Lotto strategy game by Janod.  2-4 player game.  Oh my!  The fruits and vegetables have escaped from the basket!  To recover them, you must roll the best dice combinations to win counters.  The first player to place all their counters on their lotto card is declared the winner.  The ideal game to boost concentration and develop strategic thinking.  Includes 4 lotto cards, 36 fruit or vegetable counters, 1 cotton bag, 4 erasable whiteboards, 5 wooden dice and 1 erasable marker pen in an attractive solid box for storing when not in play.  The rules of the game are in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.  Range reminder card included inside the box.

25cm x 15.8cm x 4cm.

Made from Wood and Cardboard.

Recommended for 5 Years+.

We love this fun lotto strategy game by Janod.