Ultimate Spotlight: Rainforest Animals by Sandra Laboucarie & Emilie Lapeyre


How do animals live in and adapt to life in the rain forest? Turn the page to reveal a grand pop-up with the different layers of the rain forest, rotate the wheel to see bonobos at play, and open big flaps to uncover the creatures at night. Filled with surprising details and strikingly beautiful illustrations, this interactive book is a must-have for young nature enthusiasts!

After writing for children's newspapers for many years, Sandra Laboucarie left Paris to return to Toulouse, where she now writes books for children.  Émilie Lapeyre is a children's book illustrator, but her work has also been in publications, textile design, toys and interior decoration. She lives in Paris.

Hardback: 14 pages.

18.7cm x 26.7cm.

Age: 5-8 Years.

ISBN: 9791027608775.