TouchThinkLearn: Fly By Xavier Deneux


TouchThinkLearn books offer the youngest learners an opportunity to explore in a hands-on, multisensory way.  Seeing the image, tracing its shape, saying its name-these modes of perception combine to stimulate understanding of essential concepts.  A bird arrives, alights on a tree, finds a mate, and build a nest.  Soon its eggs will hatch and one brave hatchling will embark on its first flight.  This deceptively simple book beautifully depicts the natural cycle of life, and features the production technique of glued on pieces dovetailing with die-cut openings, with removable - and movable - characters and scenery.  The reader is invited to a multisensory participation in the story, from the arrival of the parent bird to the first tentative flight of the fledgling.

Xavier Deneux studied at Beaux-Arts de Paris and trained as a set designer early in his career.  He has since then has applied a lifelong passion for child development to more than 100 books, including the TouchThinkLearn series.  He lives in Paris, France.

Board Book: 14 pages.

21cm x 21cm.

Age: 0-3 Years.

ISBN: 9781452159225.