The Illustrated Atlas Of Architecture And Marvelous Monuments by Sarah Tavernier & Alexandre Verhille


This unique architecture atlas shows the most remarkable buildings in the world - children and adults will marvel in amazement.  Mali, in North Africa, is home to the largest building made out of clay; the structure only took one year to complete.  For the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle, 465 tons of marble were hefted to the Alps to the building site.  The Atomium in Brussels boasts the longest escalators in Europe.  The largest mosque in the world is as big as 56 football fields.  The Illustrated Atlas of Architecture and Marvelous Monuments presents a world of breathtaking buildings and their incredible stories through illustrated maps and engaging factsheets.  Includes the longest bridges, tallest towers, the most impressive cultural sites, and plenty of curiosities.  Exciting facts are woven together with a myriad of architectural styles; the material feats are skilfully and artfully placed upon bold maps, situating the constructions within a geographic context.

Alexander Verhille has travelled the world having been influenced by the world of Kerouac, London and Hugo Pratt.  He regularly collaborates with international papers and magazines, making illustrating maps.  When he’s not making maps, Alexandre plans trips around the world and illustrates children's book or travel books.  Sarah Tavernier is an illustrator in the domains of architecture, mural, illustration and design.  She loves maps and cartography and works in L'Atelier Cartographik.  She is also a paper engineer, masterminding and creating pop up graphics for children's books.

Hardback: 48 pages.

38cm x 28cm.

Age:  6-12 Years.

ISBN: 9783899557756.