The Cutest Thing Ever by Amy Ignatow & Hsinping Pan


An adorable and hilarious picture book filled with the cutest things imaginable.  This wacky, imaginative picture book sets out to answer a big question: Want to see the cutest thing EVER?  Just when you think you’ve seen it, there’s more! Is it a kitten? A unicorn? Bunny astronauts?  These things are cute, but are they really the cutest thing ever?  After being paraded through a colourful world of cuteness, young readers will discover a mirror on the final page, which reflects the actual cutest thing ever and makes them shout―it’s me!  With charming illustrations and laugh-out-loud text, The Cutest Thing Ever is a fun read-aloud for parents and children to share together.

Amy Ignatow is an American author, illustrator and cartoonist.  She is best known for her children's series The Popularity Papers.  She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with her husband, Mark, their daughter, and their cat, Matilda.  Hsinping Pan is an award-winning animator and illustrator.  She has worked on everything from commercials to movies, music videos, magazines, and children’s books. She lives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hardback: 35 pages.

23cm x 23cm.

Age: 2-5 Years.

ISBN: 9781419733574.