Special Delivery by Elliot Kruszynski


Today is a very special day. Little Duck is expecting the arrival of her new baby brother!

But Delivery Dude keeps bringing the wrong babies. First a baby mouse, then a kitten, then a puppy, a hippo, a giraffe and finally a baby elephant. ‘These babies are NOT my brother!’ shouts Little Duck – but Delivery Dude insists that he never makes mistakes. Little Duck’s house is filling up to the rafters when the doorbell rings again. ‘NO MORE!’ shouts Little Duck, but thankfully this time Delivery Dude is followed by his Stork boss, a load of very cross parents who have come to collect their babies... and Little Duck’s Mum and Dad. Before Stork goes he hands over one final, very special delivery.

This is a laugh-out-loud book that will delight parents and kids with a refreshingly anarchic take on the subject of new babies.

Elliot Kruszynski is a London-based writer and illustrator who has worked with clients including the New York Times, Air BnB, Camden Brewery and Deliveroo.

Hardback: 32 pages.

21cm x 27cm.

Age: 3-6 Years.

ISBN: 9781908714794