Pixel Glow In The Dark Space Invaders Wristband by Pixie Crew


Pixel glow in the dark wristband by Pixie Crew.  Create it your way and have a new wristband every day!  Customisable and unique silicone wristband which can be decorated with the included pixels:  Pack includes 4 unique 8 bit multipixels (space invader theme), 20 mixed pixels (random colours) and 40 mixed alphabet pixels.  Wristband has an adjustable length for best fit.

Pixie Crew was established in Prague in 2014 creating pixelated creative products that can be customised by the individual, giving kids the opportunity to design and create their own ideas on everyday items.  Each Pixie Crew product is made of a silicone panel with lugs to attach individual pixels using the Pixie-Lock system, creating unique pixellated designs.  Pixels can be easily attached and detached to create ever-changing designs.

Age 3+.

We love this customisable wristband from Pixie Crew.