Nori Starch Paste Glue by Yamoto

By Yamato

Nori starch paste glue by Yamato.  Made with environmentally-friendly natural materials since 1899, Yamato's Nori starch paste glue features an easy opening-closing bottle cap that enables tight seal and prevents the glue from drying. This high-quality glue is safe and reliable, widely used in kindergartens and schools in Japan. The cute container has an adorable nostalgic look and is childproof.

  • Made using tapioca starch
  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Small tub contains applicator brush affixed to inside of the lid
  • Bright coloured tub looks lovely sitting on any desk
  • Paste is strong and durable and once applied, dries quickly
  • Ideal for use with delicate crafting materials including washi paper and tracing paper
  • Can be applied with fingers as well as brush

Contains 70g.

Made in Japan.

We love this environmentally friendly and child-safe glue by Yamato.