My First Shapes With Frank Lloyd Wright by Mudpuppy


Frank Lloyd Wright used basic geometric shapes as the foundation for his modern architecture.  You can find circles, squares and triangles everywhere in his designs, from building blueprints to stained glass windows.  This simple board book teaches young children fundamental shapes while also offering an introduction to one of the greatest architects of our time.  The book features tabs of the three basics shapes: circle, square, or triangle.

Frank Lloyd Wright brought American architecture to the forefront.  His visionary creations were strongly influenced by the natural world, and he emphasised craftsmanship while embracing technology’s ability to make design accessible to all.  Wright was also highly involved with the interiors of his buildings, creating furnishings and other custom elements such as stained-glass windows to enhance the overall design.  His most iconic structures, such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, are now designated as historic landmarks and attract visitors from around the world.

Board Book: 28 pages.

18.5cm x 16cm.

Age: 0-5 Years.

ISBN: 9780735351196.