Monkey Enamel Pin by Scout Editions


Monkey enamel pin is made out of gold metal and finished with high quality coloured hard enamels. 

Monkeys eat meat and plant-based foods. Most monkeys eat nuts, fruits seeds and flowers. They are intelligent animals, with an IQ of 174. A group of monkey is called a troop.

Scout Editions are a design and illustration led paper and lifestyle brand created by brother and sister collective Wai and Pui. They are both keen travellers and share a love of art, design, fashion and interiors.  A love of storytelling and folklore inspired them to create a studio inspired by stories and the idea of an item having a story of its very own, be it from the past or the present, making it the perfect collectable and gift.   Each item from Scout Editions is created by Wai and Pui, and many are limited editions or part of a series, so catch them while you can!  All paper goods are printed on quality FSC certified paper in the UK using recycled materials where possible and printing with vegetable or water based inks.

20mm x 15mm 

Presented on a brown kraft backing card.

We love the graphic illustration on this cute enamel pin by Scout Editions.