Mice In the City: New York by Ami Shin


Play hide and squeak with over 1800 mice in this book of observation and New York landmarks.  Every page is teeming with surprises and young children will have something new to spot every time they open the book!  It’s a typical morning in New York City.  Hard-working mice are crossing town on the subway and making their way to work.  Some bake bagels inside the Chrysler building, while others organize the bookshelves in the Strand Book Store.  Glimpse inside iconic buildings and landmarks and see a wonderfully frenetic world of industrious mice.  Every page is teeming with surprises and invites children to play ‘hide-and-squeak’ with a black-and-white cat, a mouse in a bee costume and a mysterious wrapped gift hidden on every page.

Ami Shin is an award-winning illustrator based in Korea.  She graduated from the Cambridge School of Illustration in 2015 and went on to win the AOI Award for new talent in 2016.  She was also highly commended for the Macmillan Prize in 2014.

Hardback: 32 pages.

35cm x 25cm.

Age: 5-10 Years.

ISBN: 9780500651292.