Master Mime Game by Janod

By Janod

Master Mime game by janod.  Jobs, objects, characters and more (5 themes – 24 cards per theme)... The first team to guess 10 words wins!  The objective of the game is to use sounds and miming to make others guess the illustration on the card.  This party game not only guarantees giggles, but also develops team spirit and creativity.

Contains : 120 themed cards (7 x 10,5 cm) (24 animal cards : yellow cards, 24 job cards : pink cards, 24 object cards : green cards, 24 sport cards : purple cards, 24 "surprise" cards : blue cards), one game board (23 x 23 cm), one 30-second hourglass timer, four tokens (1 per team). Rules of the game are in French, English, German, German, Spanish and Italian. 4 - 8 Players.

25cm x 5.5cm x 25cm (9.8 x 2.2 x 9.8")


Made from Wood and Cardboard.

Recommended for 6 Years+.