Mary Poppins Up, Up and Away by Hélène Druvert


This charming book takes readers on a thrilling adventure through London with the most amazing of all nannies, Mary Poppins, as a guide.  Hélène Druvert’s intricate lasercuts and delicate illustrations show the city and its sights at their very best, and offer a wonderfully imaginative introduction both to London and to the world of Pamela L. Travers’ eternally popular Mary Poppins.

A poetic tribute to the City of Light through a charming story and intricate laser cuts.  Winner of La Nuit du Livre 2015.

Hélène Druvert is an illustrator, paper and textile designer.  Her first book, Paris Up, Up and Away won La Nuit du Livre in 2015.

Hardback: 36 pages.

28cm x 21cm.

Age: 5-11 Years.

ISBN: 9780500651049.