Mandala Grey Stones by Grapat

By Grapat

36 stones in three shades of grey by Grapat.  A set of 36 stoned shaped wooden pieces to represent nature.  Useful for making Mandala patterns, playing games, counting and maths, sorting, stacking, colour matching or wherever your child's imagination takes them.

A Mandala is a circular geometric design that represents different aspects of the universe and can be used as an instrument of meditation.  Mandalas are commonly circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organised around a single, central point.  Mandalas are intended to deliver wisdom, evoke feelings of calm, and channel focus and concentration. 

Stones 25mm Diameter.

Recommended age +36 months.

Size: 25mm.

Made with Sustainable Wood. Non-toxic, water based colour stain.

Article manufactured under the safety standard EN71.