Keith Haring Sticky Notes by Mudpuppy


Post a note, tab a page, or leave a reminder with these delightful sticky notes featuring the iconic artwork of Keith Haring. The colourful portfolio houses 480 stickies in total in three different sizes and eight unique decorations borrowing from Haring's impressive catalogue of memorable characters and icons. A great way to celebrate the legacy of one of the most influential pop artists and add some colour to your home office or workplace.

Keith Haring came to New York in 1978 to attend art school.  Inspired by the graffiti artists in the city he first entered public awareness via the drawings he executed on blank advertising panels in the subway.  His art was eventually seen everywhere from public murals and nightclubs to galleries and museums around the world.

13.7cm x 18.7cm.

ISBN: 9780735343788.