Hippers Looking Back Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Series Doll by Sonny Angel - IN STOCK NOW - LIMITED QTYS


Hippers Looking Back limited edition 20th Anniversary series collectable doll by Sonny Angel. A new Hippers series to commemorate Sonny Angel’s 20th anniversary. The Looking Back series allows you to gaze at Sonny Angel’s cute face and back view at the same time! Sonny Angel figures in a turning pose, allowing you to enjoy both their adorable face and charming backside. Complete with a reposition-able sticker to hold the Sonny Angel in place. The bright and cheerful neon colors of this series will make the 20th anniversary of Sonny Angel’s life a colourful and festive celebration. The package is designed with Sonny Angel’s 20th anniversary logo. There are 12 types of figures + 1 secret for a total of 13 types. Along with fan-favourite animals such as Rabbit and Elephant, this series features the beloved Koala, Sloth, Duck, and others. For the first time in Sonny Angel’s history, Hamster has been added to the lineup!

All Sonny Angels are sold blind. This means you will receive one of the 12 dolls from the limited edition Hippers Looking Back Series - Monkey, Rabbit, Fawn, Duck, Crocodile, Mouse, Sloth, Hamster, Cat, Koala, Elephant or French Bulldog. There is also one special secret version - Squirrel, with a winking eye and squirrel tail. Secret means a figure that has a lower appearance rate than regular figures. Each series also includes an extra secret version which appears randomly, so you could be lucky and receive one of the additional secret versions.In addition, special secret versions exist and there are only 10, 50 or 100 of these in the whole world.They often command a premium in the collectible market.

We do not accept any returns on Sonny Angel, Smiski, Tokidoki or other collectibles. This is to prevent counterfeit products entering our stock holding and ensures that our product offering is 100% genuine official merchandise for all our customers.

10cm tall.

Age 3+.