Festival Folk: An Atlas Of Carnival Customs And Costumes by Rob Flowers


All around the world there are festivals that reach back through the sands of time to the very roots of civilisation, to agrarian rites and pagan traditions.  The festivals in this book are often little known outside their locale and they are all characterised by the most radical and bizarre costumes imaginable.  The Kukeri in Bulgaria wear enormous headpieces made of goatskin.  Burryman festival in Edinburgh features a man covered from head to toe with burrs and thorns.  Paraders in Switzerland’s Silvesterklausen wear vast wooden doll masks and hats carved with peasant scenes.  Each costume is brought to life in Rob Flower’s joyous, surrealist, urban illustrations.  Brief, engaging texts describe the festival, its history and the traditions that surround it.  From Columbia to Nigeria by way of New Orleans and Romania, this is a delightful book that brings the cultures of the world to life in a fresh new take that will appeal to children an adults alike.

Rob Flowers creates graphic and colourful, cartoon like illustrations.  Most of what he creates 
comes from his interests & influences - collecting toys & other miscellany, folklore, mythology, ghoulish characters and anthropomorphic food. 

Hardback: 128 pages.

21.5cm x 28cm.

Age: 6 Years and upwards.

ISBN: 9781908714572.