Backzip Baby Thindown® Jacket in Dusty Olive by Co Label

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Backzip baby Thindown® jacket by Co Label.  Beautiful versatile baby and toddler zipped back jacket, made with re-cycled RDS down padding from THIN DOWN®, a thin innovative down fabric that makes movement and comfort easy for your child. A-shaped fit, with extra length to keep your little one from freezing on lower body when playing.  Zipped back and a hood to keep those ears warm.  Sleeves are made to be folded up and down – with a beautiful finish for inner sleeve.  For the newborn it can act as a small cocoon to keep warm in the colder months, and make it easy to put on and off. The zipped back is lined with an extra padding on the inside so that it is soft to lay on, and will prevent any cold bridges on the back.  For toddlers, the extra length makes it ideal for trips it the stroller, as the length will keep the upper body warm and comfortable and not overheat if sitting in a stroller bag.  

Outershell made with ECONYL® – with a water repellent ability.  Easy to clean, and with the length makes it ideal for playing outside as it can be sat on with out getting a cold or wet bum.  The fabric also cleans easily with a damp cloth for fewer washes.  100% breathable down fabric in very thin layer, will keep your child at a comfortable temperature without overheating at anytime..

The fit is made to span several ages, so your child can layer over trousers, and one size will fit for a couple of years if kept properly, and can then be handed down to the next child.  

100% Recycled -Natural Down - Reduced Environmental Impact - Reduced Carbon Footprint - Biodegradable Product - Low Energy Impact - Reduced Waste.

Made in Italy.

Colour - Dusty Olive.

100% Econyl® Shell.  100% THIN DOWN® 80g Padding.

Style TB0001.