Astrokittens Into The Unknown by Ben Newman & Dr. Dominic Walliman


The Astro Kittens series explores advanced scientific theories through fun and engaging artwork - perfect for parents and their budding astronauts.  Join Professor Astro Cat and his kittens on a journey of discovery, and learn all about the development of space mechanics, and learn all about the future of space exploration!  What would life be like on another planet?  It might be difficult to imagine, but scientific exploration and development is evolving so fast that it might not be an impossibility.  From holidays on the moon to discovering aliens, this beautifully illustrated board book explore some of the research that is taking us one step closer to discovering what life might be like in the unknown.

Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator who has developed a distinct aesthetic over the years - a contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters which has been described as ‘Bauhaus fuzzy felt’.  He has produced work for a large range of clients, including the Tate Modern, New York Times, Google and The New Yorker.  His practice extends outside of commercial work into worldwide exhibitions, paintings and three dimensional collaborations.  Nowadays, he spends the majority of his time collaborating on the Professor Astro Cat children’s books for Flying Eye Books with his longtime friend and scientist, Dr Dominic Walliman.

Dr. Dominic Walliman is a scientist who lives and works in Vancouver where he works on Quantum computers.  He studied Quantum Device Physics at Birmingham University where he also taught Physics.  He also holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science.

Board Book: 12 pages.

17.5cm x 17.5cm.

Age: 1-5 Years.

ISBN: 9781912497270.