642 Things To Draw Box Of 10 Coloured Pencils by Chronicle Books


Box of 10 colouring pencils by Chronicle Books.  A set of 10 coloured pencils in a sleek and sturdy case with a push out drawer that can be used for storing the pencils.  The 10 pencils are pre-sharpened and have prompts embossed onto each pencil adding up to a grand total of 642 brilliant things to colour relevant to each colour, including 14 Burnt Bagels, 3 Misty Mountaintops, 6 Clown Noses, 30 Runny Yolks, 15 Fake Tans, 24 Cotton Candy Clouds, 20 Robin Eggs, 10 Robot Pals, and many more!  An imaginative take on colours and use.

The premium coloured lead in these pencils is very soft.  For best results, please use a manual sharpener.

Colour - Pack of 10 Mixed.

We love these brilliant colouring pencils by Chronicle Books.