Senger Naturwelt was founded in Germany in 1985 by husband and wife team Volker and Sabine Senger. With passion, great humour and in harmony with nature they create and produce unique and timeless heirloom quality soft toys, using all natural materials and a high ecological standard.

The first animals Senger Naturwelt created were the mouse family. Wanting to create a unique gift for a friend's daughter, they started with a sketch that became a quirky mouse character. Sabine worked in children's books publishing and her animals are inspired by The Wind in the Willows. 

The animal family grew with the introduction of elephants, quickly followed by rabbits.

All pieces are lovingly handcrafted, with sensitivity to the quality of workmanship, a high standard in the quality of the all natural materials used and a great awareness of sustainable work. 

This includes woven fabrics from Franconia, sheep's wool from the Eifel, wood from the Erzgebirge, cherry stones and spelt chaff fillings from the Swabian Alp, and organic cottons from Turkey and Peru.  The constant quality of products made in Germany and their wonderful timelessness build friendships and connections which last a lifetime.  

Senger Naturwelt animals come in a range of sizes and styles. Designed with longer arms and legs to give them a doll like quality giving them the signature Senger Naturwelt look. Animal baby characters are around 20cm and are the perfect size for little hands.

Small floppy animals are 30cm and their large floppy companions are about 40cm. All animals are sustainably crafted and heirloom quality.

Cuddly animals have an extra special secret; they have removable pouches which can be warmed up for extra cosy cuddles. Filled with either sustainable spelt chaff or cherry stones, the removable pouch can be heated on a radiator.

The hand crafted soft hand puppets are made of ecological cotton. About 35cm in length they suitable for both small and large hands and a perfect for storytelling games.

We're delighted to stock over 70 different varieties of Senger Naturwelt animals online from classic bears to cats and dogs; sea creatures to birds. The hard part is choosing your favourite!

May 11, 2024 — Georgia Ashby

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