Clothing wise it's been one the most unusual to date, with collections trickling through in multiple drops across almost all brands due to impact on production and distribution during this tumultuous year.

One brand that was already doing things differently (and by their own free will I hasten to add) is Amsterdam based Repose AMS who moved to a refreshingly different approach to selling clothes at the end of 2019, releasing four collections across the year - two main and two capsule, aimed at bucking the trend of selling summer shorts in February and winter coats in July.

Their Q1Q2 main collection launched Friday, 18th December, providing that first tentative step out of the depths of winter and into milder climes. The Other Side of Paradise boasts the most gorgeous colour palette, lots of lovely sweats and unisex pieces and a handful of pretty but practical dresses. It's also the first brand that we are taking up to age 12 by popular demand - our little ones are not so little any more and it was time for us to grow up with them!

Top of my shopping list is the classic sweater in colour block (coming in drop 2) which I am going to team with the gorgeous denim chino pants with slant pockets (both seen above). I just love the shape of these jeans - they work beautifully with all of this season's sweatshirts but also look incredible with some of the prettier, more feminine tops which brings me round nicely to the exquisite knit ruffle sweater in vintage white. Pointelle knit with a shoulder ruffle this jumper really is everything!


I'm also super, super keen on the marbled sweater and pants which look as fabulous with contrasting tops/bottoms as they do paired up. The sweater has a drop shoulder and is a boxy fit and the pants have an elasticated waist with drawstring, both the most wonderful marbled fudge colour. Super practical, super stylish.


Colourful sweats abound in this collection  - greens, browns, reds and blues and the glorious washed begonia which we have in both sweatpants and a hoody. I'm a sucker for boys as well as girls in pink, and this is a really fabulous tone.

Their signature skater dress is back in a peachy lavender block stripe this season and there is also the prettiest greyish lavender polka dot dress in organic cotton with a collar and half button front, named the Dreamy Dress and quite rightly so!


Their super popular hair accessories also make a welcome return in the form of hair clamps for this coming season - two sizes (small and large) and three glorious colour-ways, brown marble, rainbow and orange pink.


Repose AMS clothing is the perfect marriage of design and comfort blended with a harmonious combination of colour, shape and texture. They use their collections to tell a story and are driven by a desire to create awareness and produce something meaningful and inspiring that celebrates everybody’s inner child!

You can find the Q1Q2 collection from Repose AMS online now.

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