New to Junior Edition this season is Petit Nord. We love beautifully crafted footwear in traditional styles and these gorgeous shoes and boots tick ALL the boxes.

Petit Nord first launched back on 1998 with a vision to create pretty, practical and durable footwear for children, crafted from only the very highest quality materials. Their strong Scandinavian roots can be keenly felt in each and every one of their designs - classic in style; muted, natural colours combine with splashes of bright in eye-catching and enduring designs.

Petit Nord footwear is sustainably produced using materials and methods free of the toxic chemicals that are used as standard in the manufacturing of footwear, impacting both the environment and human health. This is a brand that constantly strives to be better in an industry that (perhaps surprisingly) is the second largest polluter in the world and one where unfair and unsafe working conditions for its millions of employees across the globe are widespread amongst fast fashion brands.

Using locally sourced materials, their beautiful products are manufactured in small, family-run workshops in Portugal. Handmade by true craftsmen and women whose passion for the product shines through in their work.

Petit Nord commit a huge amount of resource to the continuous research and development of sustainable leathers as they work towards only using 100% vegetable tanned, 100% biodegradable, 100% ecological and 100% chrome-free leathers in every single one of their designs.

Only a very tiny percentage (approximately 10%) of the fashion industry uses vegetable tanning to process the hides in a pure and natural way without the use of harmful chemicals, it is a complex and costly process (hence the low take-up) that uses organic substances from trees, plants and fruits but one whose environmental impact is far less great. 

Recycled TR (thermoplastic rubber) is used for the soles of Petit Nord footwear, it performs brilliantly in terms of flexibility, support and heat control and re-uses rejected and leftover TR soles that would otherwise go to waste. Using recycled TR as opposed to natural rubber also helps to combat the deforestation threat that comes as a result of the demand for natural rubber plantations. Some of the world's most endangered forests are being decimated to make way for these plantations, impacting our precious wildlife and ecosystems.

The AW21 Uniqua collaboration features Shirley Bredal‘s enchanting and playful wildflower and ladybird embroidery on Petit Nord's classic shoes and boots. A bouquet of blooming grains, daisies and clove flowers, inspired by the Danish natural wild florals, you can't help but fall in love with the exquisite designs which we stock from as small as EUR 21 and as big as EUR 32 in selected styles.

We are carrying 5 styles this season, in Autumnal shades of Latte and Taupe. The Uniqua Flower and Wildflower Scallop Boots, the Ladybird Kicks, the Wildflower Ankle Boots and the Flower Scallop T-Bar Starter Shoes.

The embroidery detailing on each and every one of these seasonal styles is exquisite, stitched with love and care in designs that are sure to be adored by the wearer.

Though new to us, these wonderful shoes and boots have been so well received by our customers, excited to see this lovely brand added to our growing portfolio of beautiful but sustainable fashion for children. Petit Nord, the Uniqua collection, online now. 

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