The Forgotten Tivoli, part two launches today with three new gorgeous posters from Mrs Mighetto joining the other characters from the collection.  Joining Miss Penny, Mr Bill and Miss Hanna from the AW17 collection is Miss Emma, Miss Bella (the twin sister of Bill) and Cotton Candy.

Meet Emma, who specialises in cotton candy.  Through her magical sugar she erases memories.  The wispy pink clouds allow you to forget and carry on dreaming and performing miracles.

And Bella, the loyal, thoughtful and generous big sister to Bill.  Just like Bill she is born with the same ability to see into the future.  The two posters together make a wonderful pair.

We hope you love these stunning atmospheric prints as much as we do!  As always, these Mrs Mighetto prints are limited edition, and once they're gone, they are gone forever!  

View the full collection online here.


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