As huge fans of traditional toys, we have been on the look-out for classically designed, wind-up, tin toys for some years now but, until this year, everything we have loved has unfortunately been made with the adult collector and not children in mind. Aesthetically still enormously appealing to all ages but not something we could realistically stock and safely sell to our young folk.

Then along came the MARVELLOUS Mr & Mrs Tin.

Born out of a very real and genuine passion for tin toys, these incredible robots are the brainchild of Alain De Rauw. Some of you might recognise his name from PlanToys, the much loved and world renowned makers of traditional wooden toys whose products we love and have sold here at Junior Edition for many years now.

Alain is a vintage toy buff and the proud owner of his own Toy Museum in Belgium. His love of vintage toys is life-long and his obsession with robots dates right back to his childhood.

He was first introduced to tin toys through a fellow toy-collecting friend and with it came the opportunity to visit the world renowned HaHa Factory in Shanghai who specialise in making mechanical tin toys for both children and adults. Here, he was able to see first-hand, the meticulous work that goes into producing the most stunning wind-up, tin toys. He describes the experience as nothing short of incredible and it ignited a real desire to revive those beautiful tin robots from the 50s and 60s for a modern day audience. And so, his own tin toy company, Mr & Mrs Tin was born!

Working collaboratively with Mr Yin, the owner of the Ha Ha Factory and Miguel Diaz Vizoso, an incredible comic designer, the very first collection of unique tin robots soon came to life. Limited edition and collectable in their own right, these tin toys have also been robustly tested against global toy regulations and are safe for children over 3 years of age.

Every Mr & Mrs Tin product is limited to 2000 pieces per model worldwide. Gift boxed, each one comes with a certificate and key together with its unique model number. We are delighted to stock the first collection in its entirety and thrilled to introduce you to Electro Bot, Gear Bot, Mechanic Bot, Piano Bot, Star Bot, Time Bot, TV Bot and Vinyl Bot.

Limited in numbers, these styles won't be reproduced again, grab one whilst you can, I've got one (TV Bot) stashed for Christmas already! Online now.


July 22, 2021 — Georgia Ashby

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