Mini Rodini never fail to impress; quirky, colourful prints that work as hard as kids play! It's one of those brands that is fun to buy and even more exciting to launch as little is revealed by way of 'sneak peaks' beyond the name of the collection. We get such a buzz launching the product after weeks of speculation on social media and there are always a few absolute gems in there that get folks super excited, and this season was no exception!

Autumn/Winter 2020 is an absolute cracker of a collection, with 3 chapters released across the months of July, August and September. Für Elise is inspired by classical music and art and there are so many fabulous new prints from Mozart pandas and cat choirs to notes and violas. 

Chapter 1 landed with us at the end of July and despite the sweltering weather there was nothing short of a frenzy around winter coats with the off white hearts pico puffer and glorious notes puffer with faux fur collars selling out within hours of launch! Mini Rodini coats, whether winter, lightweight or wet weather have an amazing reputation and deservedly so. We have had many ourselves across the years and they really are nothing short of incredible. Chapter 3 on the 3rd September sees the release of lots more styles - parkas, puffers and quilted jackets and coats, there really is something for everyone!

There are many fabulous themes this season I almost don't know where to start! The notes have been really popular and come across pretty much every product line imaginable - from newborn baby leggings and bodies to leggings and sweatpants, pretty dresses, striking sweatshirts and a spectacular schoolbag.

The cat choir comes in an all over print as well as a single print on 3 colour sweatshirts (green, blue and beige) - lots of you have been tagging us on social media in the sweatshirts (they look AMAZING on!) and the off white long sleeve dress made in 100% organic cotton is also proving really popular, it has a high waist that opens to a flared skirt and is one of those really easy to wear pieces, perfect for play and parties.

Mozart pandas come in a really striking yellow and red (as well as a beautiful beige puffer), mix and match top and bottoms for a statement look - you'll never lose sight of them in a crowd again!

We also have hearts, lots of them, in an off white/red and light and dark brown combination. I love the newborn baby leggings and body in this print. The newborn wrap body with long sleeves is designed specially for the littlest ones. The snap buttons at the front and crotch makes it easy to wrap around the baby instead of pulling the garment over the head. As practical as it is beautiful!

Mini Rodini are constantly innovating, producing garments that are environmentally and socially conscious, working hard to create new sustainable fibres to introduce into their range. Their ethos is to produce clothing that is fun to wear and look at but made in a way that is kind both to the environment and the people involved in making them. All cotton product in the range is organic, supported by new sustainable fibres such as Modal (an environmentally friendly version of viscose derived from sustainably forested wood) and Tencel (a cellulose fibre made out of wood pulp from sustainably harvested trees that is both biodegradable and recyclable) - they are one of the most sustainable fashion collections available anywhere in the world at the moment, something that is hugely important to us here at Junior Edition.

Drop 1 and 2 are online now with 3 to follow on September 3rd, we are carrying a carefully curated collection in-store with the full collection available via our website.

We are delighted to be back open in Brighton's buzzy North Laine and have really enjoyed being able to see and chat to our lovely customers again. We are reviewing our opening days and hours on a week by week basis at the moment so please do check ahead of making a long journey to see us, thank you so much for your continued support!



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